‘Joker lane’ tightens the MRF supercross championship (ROUND-2, coimbatore, 2017).

New section called as the ‘joker lane’ plays a vital role in turning up the championship in the 2nd round of MRF supercross ,2017. the joker lane which consists of whoop section in which every rider has to take once during every moto or if a rider a rider forgets to take the lane once, will be disqualified at the last. Along with the joker lane,there was 14 double jumps, 1 cut table top, 11feet height table top with 70 feet length and 3 single jumps.

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Workshop13 rider , Saijith E.S who lost the whole saturday practice session due to the front brake complant manages to place 3rd under pressure in the class os SX-2 on the race day. ” coming to the podium was very important as we are approaching for the Championship. There are more changes to be done in the riding for the coming rounds” said Saijith E.S as he leads the overall championship by 1 point after the 2nd round of supercross.

Saijith E.S crashed during the SX-1 moto-2

Sarath Mohan , who is a rookie rider in the team workshop13 proves in the first supercross of his career that he will be there for challenging the professional riders in the class of SX-2 in the coming 4rounds of the championship. Sarath, who had the best start in the moto-2 of sx-2 made the expert riders rethink about the championship by leading for the 3 laps of the race.

Sarah Mohan clearing the double jump in the section of 4 double jumps together

Adnan Ahmed shows the advantage of 125cc 2stroke for the second round of the championship. The class of SX-2 finishes off by having Adnan Ahmed as the champion of the day by 37 points,second Suhail Ahmed by 35 points and last saijith E.S by 28 points.

The most interesting class  of the day was Junior sx in which Aadil korreya becomes the champion of the day leading yuvrajsinh kondedeshmukh by 2 points.  Aadil who had training after the 1st round in the workshop13 racing under the guidance of Rishin K.C made the team satisfactory by putting his effort showing he is in for the rest of the championship this season.

Adel Korreya finishes winning the champion of the day

The class of Junior SX finished with Aadil Correya having 37 points, yuvrajsinh kondedeshmukh having 35 points and Prajwal V by 30 points.

While coming to the 2nd round, Harith Noah shows that he is the most talented in the class of SX-1 by becoming 1st in both the motos in the category of SX-1.

joker lane in the race was really interesting with the whoop section included. From the practice day itself, i feel way better than 1st round. Dad helped to check out the time taken in the joker lane so according to that decided in the race when i should go through. In the first moto, I had a really good start but front end washed away in the first corner itself. So I took the joker lane in the first lap itself so i can push the rest of the laps. In the 2nd moto , I was really confident. I got the start in the 4th position, became 2nd in the second corner and in the same lap itself I overtake and came first. Then I pushed a little bit for the safe lead. I am very satisfied while considering the time I had on the bike was very less. For the next race, I will have more time on the bike. The 3rd round in Jaipur will be fun as it is sand” said the 2nd round overall champion Harith Noah.

Harith Noah waiting for the class of SX-1

The SX-1 class was finished with Harith noah 1st having 40 points becoming overall champion of the race, Jinan C.D 2nd with 34points and Rugved Barguje 3rd with 28points.

Jagadeesh Kumar shows his consistency by winning all the class of Group-C. Jagadeesh, who is a coimbatore native rider had the victory in private expert (GROUP-C), Indian expert (GROUP-C) and the local class(GROUP-C) having the most supported rider of the event.

Jagdheesh Kumar finishing the moto on the table top

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                                   Akash Ravindran  (facebook page)

content courtesy – workshop13 (facebook page)


Kerala National Supercross riders shows solid advantage in all the top classes in Goa.

In the hot sunny day of temperature of 35celcius, Kerala National Supercross riders proves that they are the best talents in the country after having podiums in all the classes of 2017 MRF mogrip Fmsci India National supercross championship (round -1) in Goa. The track was a very tighter track. Overall track was having 10 jumps including tabletop, cut tabletop ,double jumps and single jumps. The track was same as of the track of 2016 MRF supercross with only two jumps added when compared.

Track wide mrf 2017
MRF MOGRIP Fmsci India National Supercross Championship 2017 in Goa (round-1)


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HARITH NOAH (click on the rider’s name for rider’s Facebook page)

harith prac MRF (2017)
Harith Noah checking the bike and track condition in saturday practice session.

After a gap of 2 years in Germany attending International Downhill Championship and having no motocross touch for a while, 2 times National championship Harith Noah is back in TVS Factory team and also in the podium in the GROUP-A category of sx-1 (GROUP-A) becoming leader in the championship points . Harith faced some issues in the bike on the practice day. On the race day, he placed 2nd in the first moto of the category and regain the lead in the second moto becoming 1st after having start in 7th position.

harith in pit MRF 2017
Harith Noah with his vater in the TVS Factory pit after the 1st moto os SX-1

 I was getting used to the bike in both practices since I haven’t been riding a lot. After the second practice, me and my team TVS racing figured out the problem with the bike and get repaired. On the race day in the first moto,  i was forth in the start and i managed to get in second position, few lapers  came in between but everything else was alright. In the second moto, again i had a bad start of 7th position. After I became aware that I am in 7th position, I took a lap to calm down and after the lap I tried to pass as many people in less time as possible and calmly I chased down every single rider. My team is very much happy with the podium I had. but I have to say I feel like I have so much more in my tank. I felt like I was rolling through the laps in both motos . Even in the 2nd moto I pushed but I didn’t push that far , and also I didn’t take any big chances. Surely 2nd round of the championship will be better and will be much improved as compared to the 1st round”.

JINAN C.D (click on the rider’s name for rider’s Facebook page)

jinan cd saturday prac MRF 2017
Jinan C.D having a wider line in the saturday practice session.

Jinan C.D is back in the MRF supercross National Championship after the season of DMX Championship. Jinan placed 1st in the first moto and 3rd in the second moto in the category of sx-1 (GROUP-A). He is in the second position in the overall SX-1 championship points. Jinan is riding brand new 2017 kawasaki KX 250f and he is having a good touch with the machine as he is riding in the Kawasaki factory team in UAE. Jinan C.D  is targeted in winning the GROUP-A SX-1 championship which is left in his career.

jinan cd mrf 2017 (1)
Jinan C.D having a cool down after the 1st moto of the SX-1 (GROUP-A) category.

I am energetic and keeping my fitness always for competing with the racers in the highest categoryThis year I am having a new bike with new setup. Overall I am happy with the results of today. I used to ride only wide open tracks in Dubai but it is good to ride in the shorter tracks like this. I need to do more training for the shorter ones like this for challenging the fitness within me. The track is too risky to ride as it is very short. In second moto I almost landed on one of the rider in the TVS but somehow I managed from the crash” added Jinan concluding the day.

SAIJITH E.S (click on the rider’s name for rider’s Facebook page)

saijith mrf 2017(1)
Saijith E.S having a little conversation about the practice day session.

Workshop13 rider Saijith E.S marked the history by becoming the first rider as a rookie to come 1st in both the motos in the class of SX-2 (GROUP-A) category and also became the leader in the category. Saijith also placed 5th in the 2nd moto in the class of SX-1(GROUP-A) category. Saijith is riding Kawasaki KX250f motocross bike.

saijith mrf 2017
Saijith E.S in the practice lap on the saturday session.

Overall it was a good day today. The ‘workshop13’ training program worked well in the first round of supercross. I have to continue in itself for the entire championship and I am not settling down from the podium result in the first round. I started racing having many challenges around. But now, I know that i will improve. I know the way to improve myself. Thanks Rajesh Rajan who is a UAE resident keralite who believed me as well as who supported throughout and respect for the team ‘workshop13’ for choosing me to be a part of the team in the year 2017 says Saijith E.S.


MAHESH V.M (click on the rider’s name for rider’s Facebook profile)

RY7A2976.312.Still001 copy

In the novice class , Thrissur native rider Mahesh V.M leads the championship. Proving he is the fastest rider in the class , Mahesh V.M bags 1st in novice class (GROUP-C), 2nd in the private expert class (GROUP-C) and 4th in the Indian Expert class (GROUP-C) as he lost the start and stuck in the traffic for few laps. “I am very confident in winning the championship this year in my class. After winning this championship, I will be focused in competing in the GROUP-A class” says Mahesh V.M.

FEBIN JOSE (click on the rider’s name for rider’s Facebook profile)

febin jose

Cochin Native rider Febin Jose placed 3rd in the category of novice class (GROUP-C) giving a tight competition throughout the race. Febin jose attending the national rallies from the TVS factory rally team.



aadil correya

Cochin rider, Aadil Correya is the first rider from kerala to be in the podium of Junior sx class. Aadil is the son of Glyn Correya who is a veteran racer from the south and also he is having a good mechanical involvement in the local races of the south.

Image courtesy     – Vikram sundharamoorthy (click on the name for Facebook contact)

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Team ‘WORKSHOP13’ in for 2017 MRF National Supercross Championship with National Supercross rider ‘SAIJITH E.S’ in the team.

Thrissur native national rider Saijith E.S quits from ‘TVS factory’ racing team and rejoins with the team ‘Workshop13’ to compete in the 2017 season of MRF racing FMSCI india National supercross championship. Saijith will be riding kawasaki KX250f motocross machine for the season ahead in 2017.

A travel as a local boy from Avinnissery Panchayat of thrissur, Kerala to National supercross mx rider, it does not take much time for Saijith Earath Sathyasheelan a.k.a Saijith E.S to establish himself as a professional supercross rider.

saijith 2017 photoshoot (jan)
Saijith E.S (National Supercross rider)

Saijith started his bike racing career in the year of 2012 participating in a local racing event happened in his hometown. Right from the start of his career, he was riding in the racing team ‘workshop13’. ‘thirteen’ trained and supported the rider to improve the skills and techniques for main stream competitions that happened mostly in the south of the country.

Rider profile- https://www.facebook.com/Saijith-ES-974277026026623/

In 2015, while he was riding under ‘workshop13’, Saijith was selected in the ‘TVS factory Team’ seeing his talent and skill in riding dirt bikes. He was chosen to compete in the class of Novice and Indian expert riders named as GROUP-C class (bikes having both engine and chassis of Indian origin) for the 2015 season. Saijith performed well throughout the season overpowering the experience of a rookie in the national championship.

The 2016 supercross season started in ‘TVS factory Team’ with an injury of ACL tear in one of the ligament in the knee in the first round of the championship itself. Although Saijith decided to complete the rest of the 5 rounds in the championship with the injured leg and had podium coming in some of the rounds .

saijith 5 photoshoot (jan 2017)
National Supercross rider Saijith E.S practicing in ‘thirteen’ supercross track

Now in 2017, after the full recovery of the injury of the rider, racing team ‘worksop13’ decided to have rider Saijith E.S back in the team after 2 years for competing in the highest class in the national supercross championship. He will be racing in the class of GROUP-A (bike having both engine & chassis of foreign origin) as the ‘thirteen’ will be providing kawasaki  kx250f as well as training program in the year of 2017.

Seing the inate skill within Saijith, Rajesh Rajan, who is a United Arab Emirates(UAE) resident as well an ardent motorsport supporter backs Saijith throughtout the past years in every manner.

According to ‘workshop13’, joining the team will help the rider to uplift his career as he will be competing among the most talented supercross riders of the country. The team include saying that Saijith is a rider whose skills and techniques which is a perfect match for the GROUP-A bike other than the GROUP-C bike.

saijith thirteen track photoshoot
National supercross rider Saijith E.S practicing in ‘thirteen’ supercross track


Image courtesy    –  www.facebook.com/akashthirteen

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Private supercross practice track for ‘thirteen’

If we look at the south Indian two wheeler Offroad racing history, flat track racing tracks has been there from 90’s. It has followed until today in the local racing events in Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka as these are the main states were most of the racing is happening.

For making a change in the sport , workshop13 has worked towards the development of this sport. So in 2015 , an event was conducted by V12 racing solutions in Ernankulam (Kochin) . Through the discussions with workshop13, The track of the event was constructed by workshop13. National supercross champion ,Harith Noah designed the supercross track. It was a very successful event happened in kerala and there was no such track done in the state before for private organized event.

13 supercross track
‘thirteen’ supercross practice track 

Now in 2017, for competing in the MRF supercross national championship , a standard super cross practice track in made in the hometown (Thrissur, Kerala). The track is situated toward the north of the hometown Thrissur .A 12 kilometer drive from Thrissur to the hometown of ‘thirteen’ in Velappaya.

13 supercross track1
‘thirteen’ supercross practice track.


The practice tracks is made with the span of 3 months.  The construction of the track is mainly for riding the motocross bike which includes double jumps, berms, cut table top etc. But the track is modified later so that Indian bikes can also be practiced.

13 track harith face close up
Harith Noah (national Champion)

“The track is not as easy as it looks. It’s an intermediate track for Indian standards. Throttle control is the key for riding as the the terrain is loose as well as dry. The track is short, that would make it feel like you are riding for a long time but actually you are not. The berms are really good and should be great to ride in a little wet condition”


says 2times National MRF Supercross National champion, Harith Noah when he practiced in the track in the month of march, 2017





13 track harith noah practice
Harith Noah practicing in the ‘thirteen’ supercross track