Private supercross practice track for ‘thirteen’

If we look at the south Indian two wheeler Offroad racing history, flat track racing tracks has been there from 90’s. It has followed until today in the local racing events in Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka as these are the main states were most of the racing is happening.

For making a change in the sport , workshop13 has worked towards the development of this sport. So in 2015 , an event was conducted by V12 racing solutions in Ernankulam (Kochin) . Through the discussions with workshop13, The track of the event was constructed by workshop13. National supercross champion ,Harith Noah designed the supercross track. It was a very successful event happened in kerala and there was no such track done in the state before for private organized event.

13 supercross track
‘thirteen’ supercross practice track 

Now in 2017, for competing in the MRF supercross national championship , a standard super cross practice track in made in the hometown (Thrissur, Kerala). The track is situated toward the north of the hometown Thrissur .A 12 kilometer drive from Thrissur to the hometown of ‘thirteen’ in Velappaya.

13 supercross track1
‘thirteen’ supercross practice track.


The practice tracks is made with the span of 3 months.  The construction of the track is mainly for riding the motocross bike which includes double jumps, berms, cut table top etc. But the track is modified later so that Indian bikes can also be practiced.

13 track harith face close up
Harith Noah (national Champion)

“The track is not as easy as it looks. It’s an intermediate track for Indian standards. Throttle control is the key for riding as the the terrain is loose as well as dry. The track is short, that would make it feel like you are riding for a long time but actually you are not. The berms are really good and should be great to ride in a little wet condition”


says 2times National MRF Supercross National champion, Harith Noah when he practiced in the track in the month of march, 2017





13 track harith noah practice
Harith Noah practicing in the ‘thirteen’ supercross track





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i am a photographer as well as filmmakers who is concentrating in the motorsports events happening in India as well as in middle- east. This blog is for unfolding the stories and truths to bring awareness to the motorsports enthusiasts well as to uplift the sport in the country.

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